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with Lesley Tierra


        Radiance is great happiness. It arises by bringing

        your body, mind, emotions and spirit into “ayni,”

        or right relationship. When you are in such

        harmony the world around you reflects this –

        your work, relationships, living situation,

        creativity, health, community and the world.

        For over 35 years I have acted as a “midwife for

        the soul” by helping people come back into “ayni”

        and birth their essential selves. In doing so, I’ve

        learned that many people’s illnesses and problems

        stem from deeper sources of emotional, mental or

        spiritual issues. These in turn arise from past

        wounds, cyclical life themes and limiting core


        My approach is to help you uncover and shift

        these deeper underlying issues and then connect

        with your essence, soul purpose and destiny,

        enabling you to become the radiant being you

        truly are.

        I do this through Radiance Energy Medicine

        (REM), a process that helps create radiance in

        your life through inner alchemy. When we work

        together to release the dross – what is old and

        hindering - and link you to your essence, the

        transformation turns the rest to gold as gifts for

        nourishing your life.

        REM “midwives” your being into such alchemy and

        harmony, carrying you further along your soul’s

        journey into a life of living your dreams and

        desires. This is true radiance!


Photo by Lesley Tierra

    The next Radiance  

    Quest Class Series

      Begins Feb 6, 2010!!!

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